At the intersection of art and food, Kafeteria at SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark, is a place to meet and spark ideas, to share a meal from our seasonal menu and to reflect on the cultural offerings at SMK. 

No reservations or museum ticket needed - guests are welcome anytime.

At Kafeteria we try our very best to be sustainable and source local and seasonal ingredients.

We mainly collaborate with suppliers who are organic certified or got a sustainable profile.

We value a mindset that cover the whole process from ‘farm to table’ and leave a minimal CO2 footprint – We think and we care.

Among our purveyors you find:

Birkemosegaard, Rebæl, Troldgaarden, Kølster, Fiskerikajen, Cocoon Tea Artisans and April Coffee

Simple food made from local and seasonal produce.


Cookie 35

Cake 45

Pastry 50

Croissant 50

Sourdough bread with butter, cheese, jam 75

Buttermilk pancakes with seasonal toppings 135

Dish of the day from 135

Today's soup 95

New seasonal dishes are added with the season and our wide selection of housemade cakes and baked goods can be found at the counter.


Coffee, April coffee from 35
Lemonade, Rebæl 40
Soda, Naturfrisk 35

Beer, Kølster 60
Wine, Vinhanen 75